Saturday, 1 June 2013

Bovington Tank Museum Photos

Although the entry fee for the Battlegroup South wargames show at Bovington is expensive, you do get a pass which gives you a years free entry to the museum. So on Friday I decided to take advantage of my pass and pop over to have a look around and take some photos.

I'd forgotten it was half term so the museum was very busy but I still managed to avoid getting hordes of kids appearing in every picture. The star of the show for me is the Tiger II because it is just so massive in the flesh. You don't get any idea of the size of these things from models or photos. But to stand in front of one and imagine it's advancing towards you with all guns blazing is just terrifying. This is one photo I would have liked someone to be standing near the tank to give you a size comparison. Although it doesn't look it, it must be six feet from the floor to the top of the deck

Another thing I found interesting was some of the camo patterns. The Somua shown below is pretty typical of what I think of as a French camo pattern, lots of bright colours. 

So I was surprised when I saw this Char B1 in the next hall. It's camo is very dull. A dark brown overlaid with patches of black.

And I was even more surprised by this maroon and sand camo pattern on the Panther. I guess that's why it's good to visit places like Bovington. Nothing like seeing the real thing to put things into context.

So on with the rest of the photos:

A Vickers Light Tank

Mk IIa Light Tank

A Matilda

Daimler armoured car

A Hetzer, I was surprised by how small it was.

Tiger II

Panzer IV

Tetrach in its air drop container

Stug III with interesting log 'side skirts'





Engine compartment and interior of a JagdTiger


If you painted up a model like this people would criticise your painting skills! It just goes to show modellers can get too precious about how their tanks look. That being said i don't think I could bring myself to paint one like this!

Battle of the Bulge camo Greyhound and M10

KV 1

An SU 100 in Iraqi colours

The museum also has lots of informative static displays like this section through a Centurion tank

A Firefly and Churchill

Renault FT 17

A tiny Vickers light tank

A Matilda with an interesting camo pattern which really does break up its outline.

A colourful Lee/Grant

An interior shot of the Lee/grant

A Firefly

Lastly a Sherman DD


  1. Very nice pics, and interesting vehicles! - I note you didn't see the need to put titles on most of the German vehicles, I think you know your audience too well!!!

  2. Brilliant photos , this is a museum I MUST visit !

  3. The camo on the Matilda is the Caunter Scheme,used during the early part of the desert war.

  4. Wow great pics. looks like this is the place to go...

  5. Nice pics!. If I ever visit ol' Blighty again it on my must see list...

  6. Replies
    1. It's well worth the trip, especially if you can get a chance to talk to one of the veterans who act as guides.

  7. Always take museum camo schemes with a pinch of salt. The vehicles (& planes!) have undergone many resprays over the years.
    The CharB was removed from Guernsey, post-liberation. It'd been captured in France by the Germans & used for police work on the Island.
    Tiger II Porsche turret, is an unarmoured development vehicle, captured along with the (unique now) Porsche-suspension Jagdtiger at Sennelager. It's gun is off a different tank and is actually wedged inplace with a piece of wood.


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