Thursday, 13 June 2013

Quick Review: Warlord Games British Infantry

Having won these in Tamsin's giveaway I thought it was about time I gave them a quick review. The box contains enough parts to make twenty five 28mm figures with various weapon options. The quality of the casting is excellent with no flash and very little in the way of mould lines. You get lots of options and everything you need to assemble a 500+ points force for Bolt Action.

The front of the box has nice action shots reminiscent of the old "Commando" books I used to love as a kid.

The back of the box gives you details of some of the weapon options you get as well as some pictures of the painted up models.

You get five figure sprues each containing four standing figures and one kneeling figure. In addition there are eight head options on each sprue as well as six different helmets to give your figures some variety. There are also six back packs with options like tea mugs and spades. The twenty two arms on the sprue are related to specific weapon options, I'll talk about these later. Each figure is also supplied with a 25mm plastic base.

As well as the figure sprues you also get three weapon sprues. These contain eight .303 rifles (four with bayonets and one with a sniper scope), two Sten guns, two Thompsons, three pistols, one Bren gun, one PIAT with ammunition, one 2" mortar, as well as various grenades, shovels, a pickaxe, ammo packs and even a pair of binoculars. So lots of options on how you want to equip your figures.

There is also a sheet of transfers with shoulder patches, rank stripes and arm bands for medics and MP's. I've never come across transfers for figures before but it seems like a good idea. I'm not sure how it will work out in practice though as you may need to use transfer softener to get them to sit right. I'll give them a try on the NCOs and see how they look. 

Lastly you get a double sided instruction sheet. One side identifies the components on the weapon sprues while the other covers the figure sprues. This is a vital piece of information as it shows which arms have to go with which weapons. I would strongly recommend that you don't remove everything from the sprue in one go as trying to identify the various arms later would be a nightmare.

I'll look at how well they go together once I've decided what options I want to build for my Bolt Action British force. However they do look like they will be quite a bit more fiddly to assemble with all the various parts than my PSC 28mm Russians. So what do I think about them? Well I'd have to give them a 10/10 as I can't find anything to criticise, but this may change once I try to assemble them.

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