Tuesday, 24 July 2012

28mm Saxons

In one of my many manic phases I bought a load of 28mm plastic Vikings, Saxons and Normans to use for Impetus and Saga. Normally I like to fight ahistorical battles, Egyptians vs HYW etc. but most people I play prefer match ups. So my current plan is to build Saxon and Norman armies for Impetus to use as a historical pairing.

As I'm not really a painter I always look to do things as simply as possible. I started with some foot and sprayed them with Army Painter's Plate Mail primer. Next I painted anything that wasn't mail or metal in an appropriate colour. They were then finished off with a coat of Army Painter Dark Tone dip.

I was pleased with how they came out. They were fairly quick to paint and the dip picked out the detail nicely. The shields were a pain though. I did these separately and used transfers for the shield designs. I had to paint some of the shield fronts white to give them a decent background colour for the decals. I've always found white to be a difficult colour to paint and I never get a smooth finish. But I've bought one of the new white GW Base paints now so I'll give that a try as they claim it can cover black in one coat.

Although these are fairly easy to paint I haven't played ancients in months so they are now low on my list of painting priorities.


  1. Nicely done - the shields came out great
    Which transfers did you use?

    1. Thanks, the transfers are from Veni Vidi Vici.

  2. Nice job they have come out well.


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