Thursday 19 July 2012

What To Do Next?

Now that Operation Sea Lion has finished I've got a bit of breathing space where I don't have anything I have to get painted for a game. So I need to sort out what I'm going to do next. Things are complicated by the fact that I'm getting a load of work done on the house at the moment so there's lots of noise and interruptions which makes painting etc a bit tricky. I have far too many bits and pieces all over the place at the moment as well, some are waiting assembly, some half painted and far too many unpainted models & figures. I think I'm going to have to buy more boxes to store everything safely until I get round to them and have a general clean up so I can see what's what.

Probably the first thing I'll do is assemble the 4Ground church I bought a couple of weeks ago. It's pre-painted so once it's assembled it's done. That should only take me a couple of hours to do.

Next I should probably finish assembling my three boxes of PSC tanks (Pz III's & IV's) for my DaK force and then get them painted. I also have have to add the detail to the 3 Sd Kfz 10/5's in my AA Section. Once that's done my DaK force is finished.

I should also finish painting my MDF buildings from Commission Figurines. I've decided that using Army Painter dip on them is fine for the exposed brickwork but doesn't work on the rendered areas. So I'm going to try using Devlan Mud just on the bricks and leave the rendered areas in a base colour. These are taking me a while to paint not only because I'm having difficulty deciding how to paint them but also because of the amount of detail there is on the models. It's just not obvious how detailed they are until you start painting them. They certainly are a great product.

Once that's done I have a load of primed FoW infantry to finish or I could start on my 10mm WSS figures for Maurice or my 10mm Napoleonics for Lasalle or finish off my 28mm Norman and Saxon armies for Impetus or make a start on my 28mm Imperial Romans also for Impetus or my 28mm ECW figures etc. etc. It's a good job I'm retired or there's no way I'd ever get all these projects finished!

Ohh, in case you were wondering I sucumbed and bought the Union and Confederate army packs from Pendraken. So when they arrive that's something else to add to the list.


  1. Wow.. you have quite the "chore" of armies to get through.. best tell the mrs's that other chores need to be sidelined while you work on this. :)

    1. I'm divorced so that's not a problem for me :-)


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