Thursday, 26 July 2012

New Releases From The Plastic Soldier Company

PSC have just announced some new releases one of which I'm particularly interested in, the SdKfz 222. It's a new Zvezda kit so not strictly a PSC release but that's where I buy my Zvezda kits.

The SdKfz 222 is a great little armoured car that you can use in loads of armies. It's stats are shown below:

Sd Kfz 222 (2cm)Wheeled 1 0 0 Co-ax MG.
2cm KwK38 gun16"/40cm 3 5 5+ Self-defence anti-aircraft.

I've been thinking about getting some of these for a while so I may have to take the plunge now.

PSC have also announced their 15mm SdKfz 251/D Halftrack conversion kit. The kit has 24 crew figures and parts to build 16 halftrack variants: 251/10 Platoon Commander with Pak 36, 251/8 Mortar, 251/9 Stummel and 251/16 Flamm  for £16.50. You will still need to buy the standard 251/D halftracks but you do get lots of nice options for about £1 each which is a pretty good deal.

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