Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Quick Unboxing: 4Ground 15mm MDF Buildings

This is a quick look at the contents of the 3 Terraced Houses pack from 4Ground. The pack costs £20 for the pre-painted version. The first thing to say is that pre-painted does not mean assembled, these aren't like the Battlefront pre-painted buildings. 

In the pack you get ten sheets of MDF with the various parts you need laser cut into them. Some of the sheets have been painted before the parts are laser cut to provide the pre-painted components. As you can imagine with ten sheets of MDF there are a lot of parts to assemble. The packs are graded with a number system (1-5) to give the buyer some idea of the complexity of the kit. This kit is graded 4. They do provide a sheet of assembly instructions but some of the instructions aren't very clear and you need to take things slow to make sure you don't mess up. 

The various parts need to be glued together (they recommend PVA or similar) and set aside to wait for the glue to harden. You will need some rubber bands to hold the parts together while this happens.

As you can see in the picture below laser cutting the pieces leaves burn marks on the MDF so the assembled model will have clearly visible lines where two parts join. This will either bother you or it won't. If it does you can always save some money and buy the unpainted versions and paint them yourself.

The kit needs so many pieces because the finished model has two floors and a roof. As can be seen in the picture below. This makes it great for FoW as you can lift off each section to get at your figures.

The instruction sheet also contains various posters and shop names you can cut out and glue to your models so you can give them some variety.

I'll be assembling this kit in the next couple of days and I'll do a post with a few pictures on how it goes.


  1. Nice review, I will have to look these guys up

  2. Keep us updated as I have been looking to order from these guys soon.

    I love the new MDF terrain kits making the rounds at the moment!

    Happy Gaming,


    1. Tomorrow's post looks at assembling this kit.


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