Wednesday 23 December 2015

First games of Zombicide: Black Plague

I had my first try at the new Zombicide: Black Plague game last night. I had played the original Zombicide a couple of times and didn't enjoy it at all. I felt it was too hard and unforgiving of mistakes. I agreed to play this new version because I didn't have a game arranged for last night and thought it would be better than nothing. I wasn't expecting much but I really enjoyed it.

The new version has been tweaked to improve certain things apparently (although I have no real idea what these are). I did like the trays you got to organise things and the fact that you got to choose your starting weapons.
I played as Nelly, the tavern wench, which I liked as I got a free movement action straight away. Sadly I never got enough experience in either of the games we played to try out the orange and red abilities.
I think we had three other fighters a ranged character and a mage (who worryingly is called Baldric!). The first game we had to rescue six villagers from various locations around the board. There were also two crypts we could enter which held a powerful spell and a powerful crossbow. Much to my surprise we won and did so without anyone dying. Although there were a few close calls.
The second game was more complicated. We had to examine some markers until we found a blue one and a green one which would allow us to open specific doors that would grant us access to the two crypts which in turn allowed us to access an area with a book we needed to retrieve (I think). Sadly by the time we got there we were on orange and the four rooms spawned a host of runners walkers and fatties. Luckily judicious use of spells and abilities allowed us to clear it out. All we had to do now to win was get one character to red. We did manage that but lost one character in the process.
All in all a good nights fun with a good group of people playing cooperatively. I'm looking forward to the next game when hopefully the rest of Steve's Kickstarter pledge will have arrived. Then we might not get swamped because we've run out of walkers!


  1. My copy arrived last week looking forward to our first game next week

    1. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun playing it.


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