Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Bolt Action goes Weird…

With Halloween approaching Warlord Games have produced some rules to allow you to incorporate some of their Weird World War II miniatures into games of Bolt Action. I think this is a great idea and I may be tempted into buying some figures to try these out.


At Halloween the barrier between the world of the dead and living is at its thinnest. Even at this time it is rare for spirits to be able to crossover, but when many souls are crossing over one way some can slip back too. Soldiers do their best to avoid action at this time, it is hard enough to fight against the enemy, even harder to fight against former friends. These are some simple rules for playing Bolt Action during these dark nights.

Sometimes they come back…

Select your armies and mission exactly as in the Bolt Action rulebook. In addition for 20 points a British Army may upgrade one of their HQ characters to Major Terntadust; for 30 points a German Army may upgrade any of their characters (Lieutenant, Major or Captain) to Vamphyrs. Their rules remain the same as in the army lists for the level they’ve been purchased at but they gain the additional special rules below. The Wulfen-SS replace a Flamethrower team and cost 50 points for a regular unit, 80 points for experienced.
The game plays as usual until the first casualty is inflicted. Every time a model is removed immediately roll a d6. On a 4+ then the owner of the wounded unit places a zombie within 7” of the squad. If it is the last model in a unit (including single model units) then instead place d3 Zombies. If it is possible the zombies must be placed in coherency with another unit of zombies to create a large unit. If a new unit of zombies is formed then place a different colour dice in the turn-bag.


The rules for zombies are pretty straightforward. They are treated as any other unit except they are immune to pinning.
Zombies move when their counter/dice is drawn from the turn-bag. The player who last took an action chooses which zombie unit gets the action. The only action they can take is they will run 2d6”. This will be in a random direction unless there is a non-zombie unit within 12” in which case they head towards them.
When a zombie unit is destroyed DO NOT remove a dice from the turn bag. Once each zombie unit has taken an action then they may receive a further action. The player who last took an action chooses which zombie unit gets the extra action.

Major Terntadust

Major Ternadust has long been the head of the secret British Army Division against paranormal activities. Prime Minister Winston Churchill ordered his ministers to create a secret division in the British army to combat the recent reports of supernatural creatures in the German lines.

Zombies may not come within 9” of Major Ternatadust. Any that try to do so instantly stop 9” away. If zombies are within 9” of Major Terntadust at the start of their action then they run 2d6” directly away from Major Terntadust. Casualties removed within 9” of Major Terntadust do not create additional zombies.


Hitler’s secret division has long been researching the powers of the occult and how to harness the powers of Darkness, to use against the allied forces.
Vamphyrs can control zombies that begin their action within 12” of them. Instead of rolling for the direction the Vamphyrs can choose the direction. The distance is still randomly rolled.

The Wulfen SS

The great weakness of Hitler’s Occult Forces is the Vhampyr’s inability to go out in daylight. To overcome this weakness the mountains and forests of Germany were scoured and the shock troops of the Wulfen-SS were formed.
This unit consists of a werewolf stormtrooper from the Wulfen-SS, ready to rend the enemies of the Third Reich limb-from-limb, accompanied by a wulfen ‘minder’ to keep them in line. The minder is treated as standard infantry armed with a pistol.

The Werewolf has the following special rules:

Making the fur fly – The werewolf has the Tough Fighters special rule.

Only Silver can stop it! – The werewolf ignores the first two casualty rolls assigned to it in each phase although exceptional damage will affect it as normal.

Rampage! – Should the minder be killed the Werewolf will go berserk! Remove all the pinning counters immediately. The Werewolf will now always receives a Run order when activated (this automatically succeeds). It will charge the nearest enemy unit but if no enemies are in charge range it will instead charge the nearest friendly unit. If there is no unit within 12” then it will instead run towards the nearest enemy unit.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Malifaux Release Schedule

Wyrd have just announced their release schedule for the last quarter of the year. There's some good stuff in there but all the pre-Gencon hype got me wanting the figures then. Sadly the 'want' has gone away now and I doubt I'll be buying any of them. Although the new box sets do look tempting. Anyway on with the details.

  • October

    WYR4057Mr. Graves$ 11.00
    WYR4056Dark Debts Box Set$ 40.00
    WYR4058Mr. Tannen$ 11.00
    WYR3053Rail Golem$ 35.00

    Rail Golem

    WYR3052Rail Crew Box Set$ 35.00
    WYR5072Oiran (3pk)$ 21.00
    WYR3059Willie$ 16.00
    WYR1046Avatar HoffmanTBA

    Rail Crew

    Willie, The Demolitionist

    WYR2062Izamu$ 11.00
    WYR8001The Thunder Box Set$ 35.00
    WYR1058Guild Riflemen$ 21.00
    WYR4060Beckoners (2pk)$ 16.00
    WYR8002Ten Thunders Archers (3pk)$ 21.00

    No picture for the Guild Riflemen or any word on probable UK prices though.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Bolt Action: Lucky Find

I wanted to add some armour to my Soviet Bolt Action (BA) force but didn't want to pay £20-£30 for a kit then have to go through the hassle of assembling and painting it. So a comment on the WWPD BA forum about using Corgi 1/50 diecast models got me thinking. After a bit of searching on Google I found that Corgi did a Churchill tank with 5th Guards Division markings which would be perfect.

I had a look on eBay and found they were going for about £25 plus postage. A bit pricey but no assembly or painting. However I did a search on Google shopping in case a retailer had one cheaper, and that's when I got lucky. I found a shop selling one for £11.50. After a quick phone call to check it was definitely in stock I placed my order and it arrived a couple of days later.

I was a bit worried about it being too big at 1/50 but it looks great with my PSC Russians. So that's my 1000pt Soviet force finished. Total cost £35 for the infantry/guns from PSC and £15 for the Churchill. Not bad for a 1000pt force.

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