Saturday, 13 October 2012

Malifaux Release Schedule

Wyrd have just announced their release schedule for the last quarter of the year. There's some good stuff in there but all the pre-Gencon hype got me wanting the figures then. Sadly the 'want' has gone away now and I doubt I'll be buying any of them. Although the new box sets do look tempting. Anyway on with the details.

  • October

    WYR4057Mr. Graves$ 11.00
    WYR4056Dark Debts Box Set$ 40.00
    WYR4058Mr. Tannen$ 11.00
    WYR3053Rail Golem$ 35.00

    Rail Golem

    WYR3052Rail Crew Box Set$ 35.00
    WYR5072Oiran (3pk)$ 21.00
    WYR3059Willie$ 16.00
    WYR1046Avatar HoffmanTBA

    Rail Crew

    Willie, The Demolitionist

    WYR2062Izamu$ 11.00
    WYR8001The Thunder Box Set$ 35.00
    WYR1058Guild Riflemen$ 21.00
    WYR4060Beckoners (2pk)$ 16.00
    WYR8002Ten Thunders Archers (3pk)$ 21.00

    No picture for the Guild Riflemen or any word on probable UK prices though.

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