Thursday 5 July 2012

Getting back into 40K?

I haven't played 40K for about a year. I never really got to grip with the rules and kept getting my butt kicked. It seemed like every time I thought I'd got it another rule or special ability would pop up and my plans would go up in smoke. After a while the lack of progress got to me and I just stopped playing. Which was a shame as the fluff and setting appealed to me and also because I'd invested in four armies.

I do this a lot. I get interested in a game or a system and buy loads of stuff and something happens and I end up not playing the game for ages. Sometimes it's because I get disenchanted with a game but most often it's because I can't get a game as people have moved on to other things. I've only been back gaming about 18 months and I've done this four times already. For 40K I bought Assault on Black Reach and then added a load of Space Marine stuff that isn't even assembled never mind painted. Then I bought a painted Chaos Space Marine Army from someone at the club, next was an painted Eldar army from eBay and then a painted Necron army also from eBay. Not to mention the custom KR cases to carry them around.

My next addiction was Malifaux, which I still like, but don't play because of a lack of opponents. Which is a shame as I have over 80 models painted up for various crews. This was followed by Impetus which I don't play, again because of the lack of opponents. I have loads of stuff for this too, I have five 15mm armies and three 28mm armies. I even bought two ECW armies to use with the Renaissance version of the rules. The 28mm stuff is still in it's unopened boxes.

My latest addiction is FoW which thankfully I still play regularly as I've invested in five armies. Which brings me back to 40K. The people I play FoW with are also big GW gamers, especially Blood Bowl. But as they're not retired like me their time is limited. Fearing my games of FoW may dry up as my regular opponents all get back into 40K with the release of the new rulebook I've decided to give 40K another try. So tonight I'll be playing my first game with the new rules.

I've decided to go with Chaos Space Marines as they were the first box I found. The list I'm using is shown below:

Chaos Sorceror
Chaos Terminators (5)
Possessed Chaos Space Marines (5)
Chaos Havocs (5)
Chaos Space Marines (9)
Chaos Space Marines (8)
Chaos Space Marines (8)
Khorne Beserkers (5)
Chaos Spawn (2)

There's also various addons and options which I haven't included as it would take up too much space. Is this a great list? I seriously doubt it but it's what I have. These days I'm not bothered about winning as long as I enjoy the game. I'll take some pictures and do a batrep for the game which will probably be up sometime this weekend.

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