Saturday, 21 July 2012

More MDF Buildings

I've finally finished off the first of my MDF buildings from Commission Figurines. It too a lot longer then I expected as there's so much detail to paint. As well as the doors, shell damage and exposed brick work there's over fifty windows to paint.

I'm not that happy with how it's turned out as the colours I chose don't really work, plus the dip just ended up making the building look dirty rather than picking out the detail as I'd hoped. Although it does look ok on the exposed brickwork. It's not too bad from a distance and it will be surrounded by other buildings so it will do for now.

On my other building I'm not going to bother with the dip, hopefully my colour choices will be better and it will look ok.


  1. I think the colors came out great.. worn indeed.. but the bricks really work nicely.

    Your making me want to pick some of these up.. if only I played that scale though.

    1. Thanks, So many scales so little money :-)

  2. yeah it still looks cool, i live the windows

    i made a commitment to myself recently that all future gaming would only be in one scale because i sucks having to collect terrain for every scale

    1. Yeah plus you have to find somewhere to store it all.


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