Friday, 20 July 2012

Quick Review: 4Ground 15mm MDF Church

Having successfully assembled the 4Ground Terraced Houses I moved on to building their Church yesterday. The kit comes pre-cut on nine pieces of MDF some of which have been painted. The pre-painted version costs £30 while the unpainted kit costs £20. 

As with the Terraced Houses kit it's essential to follow the instructions carefully, only pressing out the pieces you need for each stage. Dry fitting the pieces together helps, as does checking back with the photos to make sure you have things the right way round.

The first stages are easy. You assemble the carcass and then add the exterior cladding as shown below. They recommend PVA glue but I used a clear glue and had no problems.

After the ground floor of the church is assembled you move on to the tower. The tower comes in four sections, each of which are assembled separately. The ground floor of the tower was straightforward but the subsequent levels are assembled differently. Here you glue the exterior walls first and then add in the interior supports. This can get tricky as it's not always obvious which way round the various pieces go, I had to take apart a couple of pieces and redo them to get it right. 

After the tower is completed its time to move on to the two porches and the roof. These were no problem, although I did find them a little fiddly in places. I'd had problems with the roofs on the Terraced House kit but these went together smoothly. The last job is to insert the cills on the windows. Again a bit fiddly but easy to do. The completed model looks good and would grace any wargames table. 

The finished Church with a US 105mm Cannon for scale

The church roof comes off easily so your troops can occupy it to hold off the enemy. The tower comes apart as well and you can place a small base on each level, so it's ideal for artillery spotters or snipers.

The disassembled model

I give this kit a 9/10. As with both kits I think the instructions could be more detailed for certain steps but this is a minor niggle. I will probably buy more kits from 4Ground and have no hesitation in recommending them to other wargamers


  1. thanks for the review, the church looks very pretty. Would you say it fits more for Normandy?

    1. I think it's pretty generic and wouldn't look out of place on most western european tables.


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