Thursday, 26 June 2014

What I'd like to play in the coming months

With my move finally taking place next Monday I should be getting back to gaming next week after a break of about six months. So more for myself than anything else I've created a list of games and systems I want to play over the coming months. The most recent addition to the list is the new Sword & Spear ancients rules. They sound like they're fun to play and have some interesting ideas. So being a rules junkie I had to buy them (the fact that they're only £6 for the PDF helped).

Sword & Spear - Ancients 15 or 28mm (Have various armies, painted & unpainted)
Impetus - Ancients 15 or 28mm (Have various armies, painted & unpainted)
Dux Bellorum - 10 or 15 or 28mm (Have various painted figs I can proxy)
Ronin - Samurai Skirmish 20mm (Have both sides and painted)
Mayhem - Fantasy any scale (Have 2 10mm armies painted plus some painted 28mm)
Maurice - 18C 10 or 28mm (Have 2 10mm armies both unpainted)
Napoleon at War - Napoleonic 15mm (Have French & British painted. But short a few units)
Longstreet - ACW 10mm (Have 2 armies both unpainted)
All Quiet on the Martian Front - 15mm (Have 2 armies from the KS both unpainted)
Chain of Command - WW2 15 or 20 or 28mm (Have 20mm Germans & Brits painted. But short a few figs. Also have some painted 28mm Russians and a ton of painted 15mm FoW stuff)
Battlegroup: Fall of the Reich - 20mm WW2 (Have some Germans & Brits painted. But short a few units)
Dust Warfare/Tactics - WWW2 28mm (Have masses of US and Germans)
Deadzone - scifi skirmish 28mm (Have 4 or 5 factions all unpainted)
X-Wing - Starter box
Dropzone Commander - Scfi 10mm (Have both sides and painted)
Battletech Alpha Strike - (Have enough painted for a small game)

Android Netrunner - Boardgame
Heroes of Normandie - Boardgame
Lords of War - Card game

Don't have but would like to try:
Malifaux 2e - 28mm (Have a ton of models for various factions but not the new rules/cards)
Dux Britanniarum - 28mm (have some painted and unpainted 28mm figs I can use)
Full Thrust - Space combat
Wild West skirmish of some sort not sure on the best rules.

That's a long list but I've probably forgotten some things. At least unpacking (when I get round to it) will be like Xmas.

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