Tuesday 29 October 2013

Quick Review: 4Ground 28mm MDF fencing

I was looking for some fences for my terrain board when I came across these from 4Ground. I like 4Ground stuff and I have one of their 15mm Churches and a row of their houses and although the fences are for 28mm they should work just as well for 20mm. They cost me £10 + p&p for 42" of fencing (more on this later) which I thought was a decent deal.

On opening the pack you find 3 sheets of pre-cut MDF comprising base plates, fence posts and the fences plus an instruction sheet.

The instructions are pretty straightforward as long as you make sure you pick the right parts and only detach what you need for each stage. Definitely do not remove them all in one go as it will be difficult to pick the correct parts. They also give you some ideas for customising your fences as you can see in the bottom row of pictures shown below.

You start by gluing the fence posts into the base plate and then adding the cross rails. You then glue the fence to the cross rails and you're done. Some of the fences have pop out sections to represent damage to add a bit of flavour to the fencing. The sections with the gates are a bit more fiddly but follow the same principle. The finished fences are shown below. You get 12 pieces of fencing of varying lengths, two of which have gates. They also do a pack without gates for the same price.

In the photo below I've added a Valiant 1/72 German to give you an idea of the scale of the fencing.

They went together easily and took me about 70 minutes to complete. You could probably do them much quicker but I was in no hurry. I'm happy with how they turned out and I'm looking for some 1/72 scale posters to stick on the fencing to add a little colour.
However there is one problem with them. I mentioned at the start of this post that they're advertised as providing over 42" of fencing. This is also stated on the pack itself. However on measuring my finished set they add up to only 38 inches. I checked to make sure I hadn't lost anything, which I hadn't, so either there was something missing from my pack, which seems unlikely as there were no gaps on the MDF sheets, or they've wrongly labeled the product. I've emailed them about this and will do an update when I get a reply.

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