Friday, 4 October 2013

More terrain for my city board

I've spent quite a while looking at 1/72 scale buildings for my proposed city board and there's a lot of nice stuff out there but there's two problems. First it can be expensive with buildings being £20-£30 pounds or more each and second they will need painting which is something I don't feel confident doing.

Metcalfe PO227 Water Tower & Sandhouse with Chimney

So I've made a couple of test purchases of cheaper ready painted alternatives. I say ready painted but the first is a pre-cut card building kit by Metcalfe. These are not like the pdf buildings I've made before, they are more like the 4Ground buildings but using thick card rather than MDF. Using card allows them to have lots of detail pre-printed onto them so they have more detail than 4Ground buildings. They come flat-packed and are widely used by the model railway community where they are highly thought of for their quality and ease of construction. I'm interested in seeing how they turn out. If they're ok I can see a rail yard on my city board. Perhaps somewhere for Vasily Zaitsev to duel with Major Erwin K├Ânig. I'll do a review when it arrives but as you get two buildings for £9.25 its hard to go wrong.

How the kits arrive

The second item I've ordered is a pre-painted ruin from Conflix. They do various sizes of pre-painted buildings but most are 15 or 28mm. The ruins I've ordered are supposed to be 20-25mm so should be ok especially as they're ruins so scale won't be so important.

Its called a Stalingrad ruin and they also do a Kursk ruin and winter versions. I got this one from eBay for £13.29. I think it looks quite good, certainly better than I could paint. Again I'll do a quick review when it arrives.


  1. Nice looking buildings. I could not tell from the picture they were card until you mentioned it. Very nice additions.

    1. That's what I'm hoping. I'll be doing a review of them when they arrive next week.


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