Tuesday, 1 October 2013

'Repurposing' my eBay proceeds

Having had some good results from my recent eBay auctions I now have about £150 to 'repurpose' (definitely not spend, as that would be frivolous in these harsh economic times). There's a few things I've been looking at but I haven't made my mind up yet.

First up we have 'Battlegroup: Fall of the Reich' the next supplement for the Battlegroup rules. Covering the invasion of Germany 1945 this supplement offers four new army lists (Russian, British and American armoured spearheads pitted against "Defenders of the Reich" ad hoc battlegroups from Germany's last desperate levy), modelling guides and a mini campaign for the breakthrough to Berlin. I've been seduced by the gorgeous looking terrain in the AAR's I've read and by the fact that I can use it with either my FoW stuff or my 20mm figures. So I'm going to get a copy of this supplement when it comes out in November.

Next is the Dust Warfare rules to use with the Dust Tactics figures I bought recently. I've always had a thing for Weird WW2 but never made the plunge. I'm also looking at getting the zombie and gorilla packs as where would WWW2 Germans be without some weird units.

You can never have too much terrain so I'm looking at repurposing some of my funds into the 4Ground 28mm livestock fencing. From the pictures it should be fine for 20mm as well. You get 42" of fencing for £10 which seems like a good deal. Although that will only give you about a 10"square field which, for some reason, seems smaller when you look at it that way.

The last thing I'm looking at (for now) is the Kickstarter for the Winter War 28mm Finnish troops. I've been interested in this for a while. The Finnish Rifle Platoon pledge includes: HQ (1 Officer, 1 SGT, 2 rifle messengers), 2x Rifle sections, 2x LMG sections (1x CPL, 1x LMG & 5 rifles). Includes access to all stretch-goals and free limited figures & free shipping which gives you 38 figures for £60. That's not bad for 28mm but not enough to get me interested. However the stretch goals that have already been achieved will add to this:

Now this makes it a lot more interesting. I reckon this brings the cost per figure down to less than 50p, which is a very good deal for 28mm metal figures and there are more goals which look like being achieved to make it even more of a good deal. The problem is I don't really need these. Without the Kickstarter I wouldn't have considered buying 28mm Finns. I have enough 28mm Russians to play Bolt Action or Chain of Command at that scale and if I have to provide both sides I can use my 20mm stuff instead. My "it's just such a great bargain" gene has kicked in though and that's making it hard to resist.

BTW, I've just noticed that this is my 250th post. Woot!

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