Sunday, 6 October 2013

Quick Review: Pre-painted ruin from Conflix

The first terrain for my city terrain board has arrived and it's the pre-painted 'Stalingrad Ruin' from Conflix.


It's made from resin, measures about 6" by 6" and seems quite sturdy so should stand up to wargaming wear & tear fairly well. The painting is ok and it has the right feel for a ruined building. I was a little concerned about the scale as most Conflix stuff is either 15mm or 28mm and I'm wanting to use it for 20mm figures. But it looks fine and even works with 15mm as the photos below show.

15mm FoW US infantry and tank destroyer

20mm Valiant British
Even though the Valiant figures are more of a 25mm figure than 20mm they still look fine. It cost me £13.29 inc p&p which isn't bad for pre-painted terrain. I may buy another but I'll wait and see how the card terrain I've bought works out first though. So overall I'm pleased with my purchase.

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