Thursday, 10 October 2013

Second card building for my WW2 city board

The card building set I bought contained two buildings a water tower and a sand house. I posted about the construction of the water tower earlier now here's the sand house.

The pieces for the house come pre-cut on one sheet of thick card. Again if you read through the instructions a few times and identify the parts on the sheet you should have no problems.

The instruction sheet has clear diagrams to help explain how things go together and I had no problems assembling the model. I didn't find any part too fiddly to assemble which was one of the things I was worried about. Again the construction of the building makes it very sturdy with card walls 2-3mm in thickness. The design of the model gives it a nice 3D effect with the doors and windows being recessed.

The final model looks great if a little 'clean'. I'm going to try weathering the buildings using some techniques I've found on model railway sites. From the looks of what they have achieved you can get great results if you know what you're doing. (Whether I know what I'm doing is yet to be determined!) Also, somewhat surprisingly, what I built looks exactly like what it was supposed to which says a lot for the quality of the kit and its instructions.

The above photo shows the finished buildings with some Valiant 1/72 Tommies. The Valiant figures are over-sized for 20mm coming in at about 25mm tall but as can be seen the buildings look nicely to scale for 20mm.

I enjoyed building these as they were a lot simpler than I had expected and look great. I'm going to buy more kits from the range for my marshalling yard board. The ones I'm thinking about are shown below.

A coal stage, looks like a nice spot for snipers (£8.75)

Goods shed, (£13.99)

Signal box (£9.00)

Got to have a station (£16.99)
The total cost of these buildings will be £56.98, including what I paid for the water tower & sand house, which I think is pretty good. If I wanted something similar in resin it would probably cost me well over £100 and I'd still have to paint them.

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