Tuesday, 29 October 2013

4Ground fences update

Earlier today I posted about the pack of fences I bought from 4Ground being advertised as providing over 42" of fencing and actually being only 38 inches long. 

I mentioned that I'd emailed them about this and would do an update when I get a reply. Well I've just got the following reply from them:

"Your right that is actually a mistake on the product header, it should say that there is only 38” of fencing. We will get that sorted for the next print run, as a way of saying sorry and thank you for bringing this to our attention we will send you out another pack of fencing with gates. If you could provide us with your address we will get it sent out to you."

It goes without saying that I'm more than satisfied with their response. Good customer service from a company that makes good products, what more could you want.


  1. A good result from a customer service perspective but I wonder how many people have been short sold these

    1. True, I guess the lesson is check what you buy and then contact the makers if there's a problem.

  2. Right, off to buy some fencing. Sounds like a great two for one offer to me . . .



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