Thursday, 3 October 2013

Making some rubble for ruined city fights

PSC have now added a 'mini rulebook + Battlegroup: Fall of the Reich' deal to their site and that's tipped the balance for me so my orders been placed. But if I want to fight out battles in the ruins of Berlin I need some better terrain. Having seen some great terrain in the B:FotR AARs on Warwick Kinrade's site I've been inspired to have a go at making some rubble.

From Mr Kinrade's site and what I'd like to play on

Although I'll never be able to match his layouts I think adding rubble will break things up and make my existing terrain look better. So with that in mind I made a trip to the local pet shop. I can hear you thinking 'what the heck has a pet shop to do with making rubble?' Well I remember reading somewhere that aquarium gravel makes decent rubble so I bought a couple of bags. I went with a sandy gravel for stone building debris, and a red gravel for brick. The two bags cost me £8 and I added my existing grey kitty litter, which I use for basing, to give me concrete debris. I poured the contents into a couple of plastic containers and gave it a good shake to mix it up.

I laid out one of my DzC city posters to act as a base (this also makes clean up easy as you just pour the rubble back into it's container), added some 4Ground buildings and layed out the rubble mix.

The red is nowhere near as bright as it appears in the picture.

It didn't look quite right so I broke up a couple of wooden tongue depressors into small pieces to represent beams etc and added them to the mix. Although it's nowhere near as good as Mr Kinrade's I'm happy with the result. Next up will be a raid on my parts box to grab some spare wheels and other bits to add to the rubble. Then all I'll need will be about twenty or so ruined buildings of various sizes. I wonder if the Halifax do mortgages on model railway buildings.


  1. I've been thinking along exactly the same lines. I've been putting off cuts of balsa, plastic sprue etc. into a tub which I can then sprinkle on to the playing area as and when required. Hadn't thought about using aquarium gravel so thanks for the tip.


  2. I really like this idea. Might have to make use of it sometime!

  3. The aquarium gravel is a good idea. The pieces look a bit large to work with 15mm though. I should attempt to pursue something like this myself.

    1. Yeah I'm going to use it with 20/28mm so it should be fine.


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