Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Start of My 1/72 Brits for Chain of Command

Having got my Samurai for 'Ronin' out of the way I've started on painting up my 1/72 Brits for Chain of Command. I haven't decided what force I'm going to build yet but I'm leaning towards a Motor Platoon. This is made up of the platoon HQ comprising:
  • Lieutenant with a Sten
  • Sergeant with a Sten
  • 2-man PIAT team
  • 2-man 2" Mortar team.
and three Sections each comprising:
  • Corporal with a Sten
  • LMG team of three men and a Bren Gun
  • Rifle team of four Riflemen
That's a total of 30 figs which is a nice easy amount to get painted up quickly.

As usual with a new set of rules I'm getting carried away thinking of all the other forces I could build. Thankfully there aren't many lists available for CoC yet so I may be able to keep my buying urges in check. However it's not easy as the more I delve into 20mm the more great models at great prices I find. For example I found these people who do a range of nice Early War stuff. I'm particularly taken with this wonderful little Vickers VI B tank. I'm starting to think I may concentrate on Early war with CoC, maybe including some Resistance forces. I may even venture into building some forces for aVBCW.

Anyway here's a couple of shots of my first painted up Brits.

I'm pleasantly surprised with how these turned out. I've normally thought of British uniforms as being dull and drab but I really like these. I started with a base of  Warpaint's Khaki spray primer from PSC. Then I block painted the helmet with Coat D'Arms Russian Green, the webbing Coat D'Arms Linen, the skin is Coat D'Arms Suntanned Flesh, the rifle Citadel Vermin Brown and Citadel Boltgun Metal and the boots Vallejo Black. I then gave them a coat of Army Painter 'Strong' tone dip before a spray of Army painter Matt varnish. The bases are Coat D'Arms Brushcape Sandy Brown with GF9 Green static grass.


  1. Great looking troops!!! They do look quite colourful and bright like you said.

  2. Wonderful work. I do like these guys!

  3. They look great. Well done.

    I love the early war period of WWII. Lots of entertaining tank designs. Plenty of over sized squads. Chain of Command is great for this. Not a huge number of troops to have to collect and they can be painted up quickly enough that you don't get burn out.

    1. Thanks. It's funny I always looked down on EW stuff but now with CoC it suddenly looks cool. Go figure!


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