Sunday, 15 September 2013

Damn you Kickstarter..... Again

I've already backed four Kickstarters this year (Commission Figurines, Deadzone, Heroes of Normandie and All Quiet on the Martian Front) and I had no intention of backing any more but I'm a sucker for a good deal.

I saw the Kickstarter for the Winter War 28mm Finnish troops when it launched but I wasn't interested as I've moved on to 1/72 plastics which are much cheaper. However TFL have produced a CoC army list for the Finns now and that and the KS have generated some buzz on the TFL forums so I went back to have another look. A force for CoC would require buying the £60 pledge and I dismissed it as my last two forces in 1/72 plastic had cost me less than £8 each. But, I had a look at the stretch goals and that's when the trouble started. The Finnish Rifle Platoon pledge includes: HQ (1 Officer, 1 SGT, 2 rifle messengers), 2x Rifle sections, 2x LMG sections (1x CPL, 1x LMG & 5 rifles). Includes access to all stretch-goals and free limited figures & free shipping which gives you 38 figures for £60. That's not bad for 28mm but not enough to get me interested. However the stretch goals that have already been achieved will add to this:
  • 10 Jager Ski Troops
  • 4 snipers
  • 4 Tank hunters
  • 2 medics and 2 casualties
  • A mortar team (1mortar and 4 crew) and a Heavy Machine gun team (1 firing and 1 being moved). The Maxim Machine gun will be available on wheels, tripod and sledge.
  • 1 anti-tank gun & 4 crew.
  • 1 troop of 6 Light Horse
  • A 10 man squad of bicycles
  • One gun and baggage, the artillery will be supplied limbered with horses and riding crew and in a firing position with crew. Finnish baggage will be pulled by reindeer!
Now this makes it a lot more interesting. I reckon this brings the cost per figure down to less than 60p, which is a very good deal for 28mm metal figures and there are more goals which look like being achieved to make it even more of a good deal.

Now we get to the rationalisation. I don't need these figures. I have a 1000+pts of 28mm Russians for Bolt Action or CoC and I have 1/72 Germans and Brits for CoC which will also give me 500+pt forces for BA. So I have 'enough' BA or CoC forces and I even have troops for my opponent if he doesn't have any figures. But if I want to play 28mm the Finns will make great opponents for my existing Russians and it's a great deal (discounting the fact that I don't need them!) Also I suppose if I decide I don't want them later I could always sell them on eBay and more than get my money back with all the extras included in the pledge. So I'm sorely tempted. I've not pledged yet but 'The Force' is strong with this KS.


  1. Hadn't realized it had taken off to this extent. I'll have to take another look.

    1. Be careful KS can be hazardous to your wallet!


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