Thursday, 12 September 2013

My latest wargames terrain from Tesco.

Just come back from my weekly shop at Tesco with a new piece of terrain. Namely some coir matting for cornfields. The colour is a bit darker than I'd like but this one has some striations which I think will make it look more like a field of corn.

The mat is 39 x 59 cms and only cost £4 which I think is a bargain. The backing is some sort of rubberised compound and not too thick. So it should be easy to cut up into smaller fields.

I've got my second batch of 1/72 Brits for CoC painted up now and I should have the full force done by Monday. This should mean I'll have cleared the decks ready for my Dropzone Commander 2-player set which should arrive around 30th September. That is if I don't get side tracked by the 'An Age of Sword & Arrow' ancients rules that I downloaded after reading about them on Anatoli's blog.

I've dug out my 15mm Italian Wars figures which I'm going to split into two forces to give the rules a try. I'll post a review and AAR when I get round to setting my table up.

My Essex Italian Wars figures


  1. Just give the mat a fine dry brush of yellow and the mat will really come to life

  2. Just for information, if Tesco actually run out (not much sign of it round here), you can get similar from Wilko's.


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