Monday 9 September 2013

My second painted Buntai for 'Ronin'

I've finished painting up my second buntai for Ronin so I thought I'd go through the list and look at the options I've chosen. This buntai differs from my first in that all the models are Rank 3 Samurai. It comprises:
  • Three samurai with katana and wakizashi and an additional attribute for a total of 81 pts
  • Two with yumi (bow) and an additional attribute for a total of 60 pts
  • One with a yari (spear) and an additional attribute for a total of 30 pts
  • One with a naginata (halberd) and an additional attribute for a total of 30 pts
This gives them a total of 201pts but as they're just for friendly games I don't care about being the odd point over. To simplify things I gave each of them the appropriate weapon school attribute. This allows them to re-roll one dice in each combat.

I'm not totally happy with the way this buntai turned out. I made the cardinal mistake of changing my mind on the colour scheme right before I started painting them and I think they look a little dull. I also decided to use the 'Strong' shade of Army Painter dip, which is more of a brown colour, instead of the 'Dark' tone I used on the first buntai. Again I'm not too happy with the results as it makes the models look too muddy for my taste. But as the figures only stand me at £2.55 I'm not that bothered.

So that's both buntai done now so all that's left is to try them out on the table. I want to finish off my 1/72 Brits for Chain of Command first though so it may be a few days before I get time for a game.


  1. I like the muted blue, now all you need is a bank of mist from which they can emerge.


    1. Thanks, maybe I should start smoking so I can create mist :-)


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