Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My Dust Tactics set has arrived and Dropzone Commander update.

My eBay purchase of the Dust Tactics revised Core Set arrived this morning. On the whole I'm pretty pleased with what I got. The maps are bigger than I expected and the walkers look great, but I'm 50/50 on the infantry.

The box contents plus the extra squad that was included

I like most of the sculpts, particularly the Heavy Laser Grenadiers. But it looks like the figures come in multi-parts that are glued together which, for some reason, I hadn't expected. Now I understand that most 28mm plastics are multi-part and I'm happy I don't have to assemble anything but I have two problems with them. The first is the waist. It looks like the torso and legs are separate so you can pose them how you like which is ok but on a lot of the figures there's a gap at the waist where they don't fit together well, which irritates me. The second thing isn't any fault of the figures, it's that they've been assembled. Now having just said that I hate assembling figures why am I complaining? Well its because some parts of the figures will be almost impossible to reach when I come to paint them now that they've been assembled. I would have liked to be able to paint the figures without the arms attached to make things easier. Oh and there's a third thing lots of the weapons are bent. I suppose I could soak them in boiling water and reshape them but I'm not sure how the pre-painted figures will respond so I'm going to leave well alone.

Heavy Laser Grenadiers, mine won't look anywhere near as good as these.

I've read through the rules and they're easy to pick up. I'm pretty sure I've got everything I need to know from one read through except for one aspect of the shooting. A quick question on one of the forums should clear that up pretty quickly though. I've set up the first scenario for a play through and I'll post how it goes tomorrow.

One last thing, Firestorm emailed me to say my Dropzone Commander 2-player box was on its way to me so I should have that on Friday. I'll do a post on it when I get a chance, I have way to much on the go at the moment!


  1. This seems to be an increasingly popular game. Are you restricted to playing on just the maps that come with it or can you use your own terrain?

    1. Tactics has scenarios which use the maps but there's nothing stopping you using your own terrain as long as you can handle the ranges and movement without the squares. Dust Warfare, which requires a different rulebook, is a normal wargame and can be played on any terrain.

    2. If you're interested in the game the rules and the rules for all the expansions are available for free on the FFG website


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