Thursday 5 September 2013

New 28mm MDF ruins from Commission Figurines

As regular readers will know I like the MDF buildings made by Commission Figurines. I've reviewed a few bits and pieces previously like the farmhouse and various ruins and counters etc which were all 15mm. However a few months ago they had a Kickstarter to fund a bigger Laser cutting/engraving machine so that they could move in to making 20mm and 28mm buildings in addition to their 15mm range.

Their new laser cutting machine

Well yesterday my pledge package arrived so I thought I'd take a look at what I got. I chose to get the 28mm ruins so I could use them for Bolt Action & Chain of Command. As usual the quality and detail of the etching is superb. As can be seen in the photos below.

I chose the 3 modules (2 corners, 1 centre) that make up part of the Berlin Strasse model.

Even the interiors have nice etched detail.

There are a couple of changes to the kits from the 15mm ones I have. Now the walls are located into the base by tabs as opposed to the long slots they used to use, I think this is a big improvement. Also the bases appear to be of thinner sheet than my current ones. As they are of different scales this doesn't matter to me. They are still quick to assemble and can packed flat for carrying to the club. That is if you don't want to glue them together permanently.

The 20mm buildings are starting to appear on their website and I'm sure the 28mm versions will be on there soon. I'll have to try and find time to slot these into my painting queue, but I doubt my painting skills will do them justice.


  1. They look good indeed. Can you take a picture with a 20mm figure next to one of the doors?

    1. Sorry I don't have any 20mm figures. All mine are about 28mm


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