Monday 23 September 2013

Time to fund my gaming habit

As I made an impulse purchase of possibly two Dust Tactics core sets it's time to sell off a kidney or two to fund my habit. To that end I've put a few items up on eBay. So I'm shamelessly pluging my auctions here to try and get the most I can to buy more plastic/lead crack. Everything starts at 99p so you never know you may pick up a bargain.

First up is a Space Marine Battleforce box that I bought when I was still addicted to GW. Everything is still on the sprues as I never got round to doing anything with it.

The auction can be found here.

Next we have a Dark Angels Ravenwing Battleforce. Again everything is still on the sprues as I never got round to doing anything with it.

The auction for this can be found here.

Having tried both Hordes and Warmachine it just doesn't really do it for me so I'm selling off the plastic Crusader Heavy Warjack, Vanquisher Heavy Warjack, Repenter Light Warjack, and High Exemplar Kreoss from the 2-player box. Again still sealed in their bags.

On to two boardgames that I like but never get to play. First up is the Cry Havoc Board Game + Extra Map & Scenario Book. It's a fun game with some interesting features but its got to go.
Next is Siege another game in the Cry Havoc series. This time as the name inplies you're laying siege to a castle with boiling oil, battering rams etc.
Hopefully the proceeds from these auctions will pay for Dust and leave me enough to pledge to the Winter War Kickstarter for 28mm Finns; buy the Battlegroup: Fall of the Reich supplement & rules; and have enough left over to buy some of the nice 28mm fences from 4Ground. Well I can hope :-)

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