Monday, 5 August 2013

The first of my 1/72 Germans

I've made a start on painting up the Valiant 1/72 Germans I bought recently. I'm aiming to use these for both Bolt Action (BA) and Chain of Command (CoC). So here is a photo of my first squad. The painting isn't great but it looks ok on the tabletop, which is all I aim for these days.

For those who want to know how I painted them here's the details. First I sprayed them with Army Painter grey then block painted the details. Next up was a coat of Army Painter 'Strong' tone dip followed by a light drybrush of white and then a spray of Army Painter Matt Varnish. The bases I did with Coat D'Arms 'Sandy Brown' Brushscape (which is a textured paint) topped off with GF9 Green static grass. I'm always amazed how much better the models look after a coat of dip. Makes even my painting look ok.

Like lots of old school wargamers I'd used a ton of Airfix figures for gaming but for some reason I've never thought of going back to that scale until recently. But now I've picked up these I'm a convert. The detail is good and the above squad only cost me 97p. So two complete 500pt armies for BA will have only cost me about £5.50, that's less than the price of one 15mm tank!


  1. they look superb, also have a look at Battlegroup Normandy/Kursk that plays superb in 20mm more tank heavy though,


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