Sunday, 4 August 2013

The spending continues!

I've been a busy boy this weekend and bought yet more toys I probably don't need. I finally succumbed and bought the Chain of Command WW2 skirmish rules that I intend to do in 20mm to cut costs (yeah like that will happen). I also bought some 40mm round MDF bases to use as Jump off points/Patrol markers for the game.

Next up is the old Attactix board game 'Victory at Waterloo'. I've been after a copy for a while as I used to play it years ago and it was good fun, if a bit simple (a bit like me). So when I saw one on eBay I bid and managed to win it.

I also decided to buy some more Valiant 1/72 figures to give me two forces so I can demo games of Chain of Command to conjure up some interest at the local club. I've finished painting my first batch of Valiant Germans and I'm pleased with how they've turned out. I'll post up some pics later in the week.

I need  more 28mm terrain so I also bid & won a bunch painted MDF terrain. Twelve painted ruined building corners for £4.99 the lot inc p&p, a bargain.

Lastly I splashed out on a magnifying visor as I've finally admitted that my eyes need some help painting smaller figures. I just hope that it doesn't show up my poor painting on the existing models!

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