Monday, 19 August 2013

Longstreet on its way.

After much anticipation Sam Mustafa's new rules for ACW gaming have been released. I placed my order with Northstar this morning. They have a free p&p offer and bundle deal for the first week  which helped me a little as I splashed out big time.

The rules are £25 which is about par for the course. The extra expense came in ordering the cards needed to play the game which are another £12 for a pack of 151 cards (bundle deal saves you £2). As you need a pack for each player I ordered a second pack so I can try and get some locals interested in playing. That brought my total order to £47, ouch! I think it's time to sell some more stuff on eBay.

Now all I have to do is paint up 300 infantry, about 40 cavalry and 6 guns with crew before the rules arrive!

P.S. I've also just pre-ordered Dropzone Commander so that's another £54!

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