Saturday, 3 August 2013

What am I up to?

Just a quick update about what I'm working on at the moment. First up I have a HOTT AAR to finish writing up. I needed to scratch an itch to play HOTT again so I dug out my Dwarves & Lizardmen.

The start of the battle
I have all the pictures loaded I just need to finish up the text.

Next will be my thoughts on the new fast play Battletech rules Alpha Strike. I took the plunge and bought the PDF (not bad value at £10). I've played a couple of games of the introductory rules to get a feel for things and now I'm ready to move onto the standard rules. Initial thoughts are that things are much quicker but I'm not sure you get the same 'Battletech' feel from them. However the intro rules are very basic so that may change as I delve deeper in things.

Lastly the Bolt Action videos over on Beasts of War rekindled my interest in the game so I've ordered a bunch of new figures. The twist for me is that I've moved to 1/72 from 28mm. There's a few reasons for this change. First is price, I bought a box of 68 German infantry which included mortars, panzershreks, MG42's etc all for £8.24 inc p&p. A 500pt force only uses about a third of a box so they're great value. Plus there's lots of cheap 1/72 vehicles available to add to your force if you want to go that route. One of the other benefits is that most of the figures are in one piece so no more fiddly assembly. I've already started painting up some Germans so should have some piccys of the finished models done sometime next week.

I'm also looking at pre-ordering Too Fat Lardies new WW2 skirmish rules 'Chain of Command' (CoC). Although I have Bolt Action there's something about CoC that appeals to me. Plus you can never have too many rulesets.

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