Friday, 16 August 2013

Dropzone Commander 2-Player Starter set

I've done a bit more digging into the new 2-player set as I now intend to buy at least one set.

Box Art

Box Contents

The first thing to note is that the models that come with this set are injection moulded plastic rather than the usual resin. Does this make a difference to me? No, I could care less what they're made of as long as they look ok on the tabletop. Hawk are saying that there's little difference visually between the plastic and resin models anyway. The models for each faction come on three identical sprues as shown below.

UCM sprue

Scourge sprue

The contents of the starter armies are basically the same as the existing resin starter armies (£68 each RRP). The only differences are that you get one extra APC for each faction (because there is one on each of the three sprues) and that you don't get the set of Command Cards. Apparently the extra APC can't be used although I don't know why, maybe because of army list limitations. So I guess you could use it as a wreck marker or an objective. The Command Cards are not needed in a starter set game as you have no command vehicle. But as you will no doubt want to expand your forces you will need the Command Cards, they cost about £4 for each faction specific deck so not a big deal.

Next up is the card terrain included in the box. The card buildings are the same as the ones you get in the Cityscape terrain set (£30 RRP) except you only get ten buildings not twenty. Also you get a 6'x4' urban street system made up of 1'x1' tiles in the Cityscape box while in the starter set this is replaced by two paper 'posters' to give you a 48"x33" playing area. But this is quite adequate for starter set games.

So you have two armies plus all the terrain you need to play a starter game. But wait there's more! You also get the updated version of the rule book (£15 RRP) which also has army lists and fluff for the four factions, over 300 photos and 12 scenarios plus variants. In addition you get UCM and Scourge reference sheets with stats, army composition and quick reference tables. A starter scenario and turn sequence prompt sheet. As well as ten 14mm D6 black dice, a 1m/38” Hawk Wargames tape measure keyring and a full set of card templates and Scenario Objective tokens. No wonder the whole thing weighs in at a hefty 4.4lbs/2Kg.


This is a starter set that literally contains everything you need to play a starter game of Dropzone Commander. It's scheduled for release on September 28th for £60 RRP. To whet your appetite here's a few more pictures of the set's contents.

And finally a few photos to give you an idea of the actual size of the models.

As a starter set this can't be faulted. I'll be buying one or maybe even two sets so watch this space.


  1. A great write up thank you. I will be now placing a pre order.


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