Thursday 8 August 2013

"Victory at Waterloo" arrives.

As part of my on-going attempt to replace the games I rashly got rid of when I quit gaming years ago I bought a copy of "Victory at Waterloo" on eBay. It arrived this morning and I wasted no time setting up a game.

On the surface it's a very simple game (the rules only run to four sides). It takes minutes to set up and the combat is fairly basic. However it requires a lot of thought to play well. The French have a limited time before the Prussians start to arrive so have to move quickly and decisively. The British on the other hand have to dig in and try to hold on. The optional rules add a lot of nice features which enhance the game, particularly the command & control rules which limit the amount of units you can move each turn. Plus it can be played solo and still give you a fun game.
Turn 2. The French are trying to flank the British while the British
on the other flank are trying to draw troops away from the
Prussian entry points.

I quickly set up the game and played a few moves to get back into the swing of things. I made a few mistakes but the memories came flooding back and I look forward to playing a full game soon.


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