Thursday, 22 August 2013

I have to stop buying new stuff

I'm a bit like a dog in a lamp post factory at the moment. I don't know which leg to cock. I've recently bought the new fast play Battletech rules Alpha Strike and the old Attactix board game Victory at Waterloo, and I want to play more of both of them. However I also want to finish painting my 1/72 Germans and Brits for BA/Chain of Command. Then the postie brought my copy of Osprey's new Ronin skirmish rules and my copy of Longstreet and my copy of Chain of Command should be here in the morning along with my 1/72 Samurai for Ronin.

I've just about got my 1/72 Germans done now, only 4 left to finish and I've primed all the Brits. I used the new PSC Warsprays Khaki primer. It covered the figures well and is on a par with my usual Army Painter sprays. Plus I have 150 10mm Rebs ready for a basecoat as a start on my Longstreet forces.

Just some of the figures awaiting paint.

I'm just all over the place at the moment. I want to get my Brits finished so I can play CoC. But I really need to get a start on the 400 or so figures I need to paint for Longstreet as I really want to give the rules a try, particularly the great looking campaign system. But Ronin looks fun and doesn't need many figures painting up to play and who doesn't like samurai and ninjas.  But if I do all this painting I won't have time to read all the new rulebooks or play Battletech or Victory at Waterloo. Then, just to make matters worse, my 2-player starter set for Dropzone Comander will be here at the end of September. Decisions, decisions.


  1. Focus my padiwan.

    It's hard to do. I've done the same thing with my Germans - I was going to crank out several squads, then Alpha Strike was announced and then released - so that grabbed my attention.

    Ahhh, distractable gamers.

    Those PSC sprays have caught my eye. I would be very interested in giving them a shot.

    I also look forward to your thoughts on the Ronin rules.

    1. I'm just working my way through building up 2 lists. I'm thinking a Bushi buntai and a Ronin buntai atm, but still looking through all the options.


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