Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My first painted Buntai for 'Ronin'

I've finished painting up my first buntai for Ronin so I thought I'd go through the list and look at the options I've chosen. First up is the Bushou who is the leader of the buntai.

He is a rank 5 samurai, which is the highest rank you can take, costing 34pts. He's armed with a katana and a wakizashi. I decided to take all three of his optional attributes for another 9pts. I've given him the following:
  • Kenjutsu, which gives him a dice re-roll in combat
  • Tough, which lets him ignore Light Wounds
  • Powerful, which gives him +1 to attack rolls
This should make him a real badass in combat.

All lords would travel with an escort so I have added two rank 3 samurai to the buntai.

One is armed with a naginata for 27 pts and the other with a katana and wakizashi for 24pts. I've also taken one additional attribute for each of them. I took
  • Naginatajutsu, which gives a dice re-roll in combat, and
  • Kenjutsu, which gives a dice re-roll in combat
I decided to boost their weapon skills as I think it will give me the best bang for my yen. However I may re-think things after I've got a few games under my belt.

Rounding out the buntai are five rank 1 Ashigaru at a cost of 18 pts each.

I've armed two of them with teppo (arquebus), two with nagae-yari (pike) and the last one with a yumi (bow). Again I'm not sure how they'll work out in practice. The yari fires every turn but the teppo, which fires every other turn, ignores some armour. The nagae-yari are there to protect the missile troops.

The points total for this buntai only comes to 190pts so I've bought two 'Fearsome Kiai' for 5pts each to bring it up to 200pts. A Kiai or 'spirit shout' is something used by martial artists to momentarily stun a opponent. In the game it allows you to use a 'Fearsome Kiai' to automatically gain priority in a turn, which is a nice touch.

So that's the first buntai done. I'm not too happy with some of the painting and colour choices but they'll do for now.


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