Friday, 9 August 2013

HOTT AAR: Dwarves vs Lizardmen

Last week I decided to have a game of Hordes of the Things (HOTT). One of the things I like about games like HOTT is that they only need minimal terrain and a 2'x2' board so you can play them almost anywhere. Also you don't need many figures. The forces were as follows:

Hero General
2 x Behemoths
2 x Flyers
3 x Blades
1 x Shooter

Hero General
2 x Magicians
3 x Riders
5 x Hordes
2 x Lurkers

The terrain comprised two woods and two areas of impassable terrain (a ruined temple and a tar pit containing a dragons skeleton). The skull and temple are aquarium features

The terrain layout
The Dwarves were going to defend and lined up in front of their stronghold.

The initial dispositions
The Lizardmen planned to put their Magicians between the wood and the skull while the hordes blocked the gap between the ruins and the skull with the riders and general in reserve. The Dwarves slowly moved the blades round to confront the hordes while the war mammoths raced forward to engage the magicians.
A number of turns of inconclusive combat followed as the mammoths tried and repeatedly failed to crush the magicians. Having to flee 6" when beaten by the magicians really hampered them. However the blades eventually got into contact with the hordes and started to cut them down. But the Lizardmen used spare pips when they could to bring back the hordes on their baseline.

The Lizardmen sent their riders in to slow down the blades but were easily defeated.

Tiring of the stalemate with the magicians the Dwarven hero general decided it was time to enter the fray

Sadly fate was not with him and a bad roll saw him ensorcelled and with their other losses that meant defeat for the dwarves.

The fateful die roll
All in all a bit of dull game with lots of to and fro but few casualties till the end. Still it scratched the itch and I'll play again but with less powerful units.


  1. To be honest, with the Lizardmen having two Magicians I think that the Dwarves were onto a loser from the start. The Behemoths are vulnerable to felling, and the Hero is vulnerable to being ensorcelled. Add in the Lizardman hero, and it gets really hard.

    1. Yeah so it turned out. And I'd thought that the Lizardmen were going to be mincemeat vs the dwarves!


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