Saturday, 17 August 2013

Saturday update

Just a quick progress report today. Looking at Dropzone Commander has put my painting back a few days so I've still got to finish off my 1/72 Germans. I've also been distracted by 'Ronin' the Samurai skirmish rules from Osprey. I've read a couple of reviews and AARs and it sounds interesting.

As I found 1/72 to be really cheap for doing forces for Chain of Command I had a look on Plastic Soldier Review (a great site btw) to see if there were any good 1/72 Samurai and I found these from Zvezda. You can see their review on PSR here. They rate them pretty highly.

You get 44 figures in twelve different poses as can be seen below.

Easily enough for two forces and only £6.76 from Amazon. If I buy the rules from Amazon as well for £9.99 I can have the rules and two forces for only £16.75. That's less than the price of most rulebooks alone. I probably won't get the chance to play often but at that price it doesn't feel like I'm wasting money.

I've also, at long last, made a start on my 10mm ACW armies from Pendraken. I'm hoping to get them ready in time for the release of 'Longstreet' from Sam Mustafa. I'm steadily working my way through the first batch of 150 Confederates cleaning up the bases. After I finish prepping them I have another 150 Union troops, 60 cavalry and six guns and crew to do. That is if my thumb holds out. Those bases can be sharp!


  1. I'm just getting started on some figures for Ronin too. I've read some good batreps on the game, looking forward to hearing how you get on with it.

    1. It seems like it has some interesting mechanisms.

    2. I'm on the fence about ronin - mainly because I don't need a new ruleset but more importantly, I don't need a new scale.

      But you've shown it can be pretty inexpensive.

    3. I was on the fence too but I've always liked Samurai stuff plus I convinced myself I could use the figures for Pulp games etc.


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