Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Test figure for 'God of Battles'

While I'm waiting for my copy of Jake Thornton's 'God of Battles' rules to arrive I decided to dig out some Mantic stuff I bought years ago. I'd bought the now defunct 'Mhorgoth's Revenge' 2-player set about three years ago when I decided to get back into wargaming. I'd thought it would be a good place to start as skeletons would be simple to paint. As it turned out I quickly got fed up trying to assemble the figures and as my local club weren't really interested in 'Kings of War' and the box got shoved back on the pile of forgotten projects.

My interest in fantasy rekindled I decided to dig it out and see what was in there. Although I don't have the rules yet I think I might have enough figures for a 24 point undead army. So as a change of pace from painting 10mm Dropzone Commander minis I knocked up a quick test figure.

I sprayed the figure white and then did a blue wash over the cloth, gun metal on the armour and sword, a few bits of leather and wood and it was done in no time. I didn't paint the bones as I was going to use the Army Painter dark tone to pick out the details. I'm pleased with how it turned out but I may add some more colour on the next ones I do as this one looks a little dull.

I must say I like the detail and variety in these Mantic skellies plus the sense of fun in some of the sculpts. In addition to the Raven pecking away as in the above photo there's also ones with axes embedded in their skulls.


  1. Looks good. So in this game is each figure removed to show casualties?

    1. Thanks. Yes, a figure is removed for each casualty afaik.


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