Friday, 29 November 2013

Quick Review: Deadzone Rebs Faction minis

Each day for the next couple of weeks I'm going to be randomly picking a pack of figures from my Kickstarter box, assembling them and then giving my thoughts on the models and how they went together. First up is what turned out to be a couple of minis from the Rebs faction.

All the minis come packed as shown below with no indication of what the models are or any instructions of how the pieces go together.

The first thing to say is that there is no flash anywhere on the models and the mould lines are hardly noticeable. The loose pieces have been roughly cut off a sprue and will need trimming, more on this later.

The parts on the small sprue were easy to remove with no breakages, however on a couple of the parts the sprue was connected near where the part connected to the main body of the model and they have to be trimmed carefully otherwise assembly can be more tricky than necessary.

The parts generally have lugs and sockets of matching shapes to help with assembly. Although where some of them fit isn't immediately obvious. As you'll see in the pictures of the finished models one of them has legs where the arms would usually be and vice versa. After a bit of puzzling over how these went together I had a look for pictures of the models in the rulebook (they can be seen on page 20 & 32). Once I'd seen the finished models things were a lot easier.
The larger of the two models went together easily once I'd figured out where everything went. I did have a problem working out which way round the tail went but another quick look at the photo sorted that out. I had problems with the smaller one though. Both arms were tricky to fit as they had to join together at the weapon (I think where they'd been connected to the sprue and the subsequent trimming didn't help matters). I had to glue and remove them a couple of times and in the end had to fudge things a little.
The finished models can be seen below with a Mantic Ghoul to give you a sense of their size.

The figures themselves are nice with lots of crisp detail and should paint up well. Hopefully, now I know to look for the models in the rulebook and to be careful trimming the parts, the rest of the models will go together quickly and easily.
Tune in tomorrow for the next random pack review.


  1. Great stuff! Just waiting for my box of goodies to be dropped off by UPS... :(

    1. Block out a few days to unpack it all ;-)

  2. gotta disagree on the flash - I can see it in some of your pics. wouldn't mind seeing some primed pics to really get some definition. are you planning to paint any faction first?

    1. Probably Plague first as it looks the simplest to paint.


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