Wednesday, 6 November 2013

My finished minis for Dropzone Commander

I've finally finished painting the UCM and Scourge armies that came with the 2-player starter set I bought. I've had the colour schemes and test models done for ages but other things have conspired to keep me from finishing them.

For the UCM I've gone with a dirty desert scheme instead of the army green I'd originally intended and I'm pleased with how it turned out. I sprayed the models with the Army Painter Desert Yellow primer and then picked out certain details with gun metal and gold. I followed this up with a coat of Army Painter Dark tone dip. On my Bear APC test model I'd painted the side pods red so I decided to colour code the grab pads on the dropships to match so it would be easier to spot which unit went with which dropship. So on with the photos. The coloured side skirts on the tanks and AA are not as bright as they look in the photos

The whole force

My Rapier anti-air tanks

The Bear APC's

The Sabre MBT's

The Legionnaires

For the Scourge I went with a silver basecoat with a purple wash followed by a coat of Army Painter Strong tone dip. I was happy with how it looked on my test model but the silver didn't show though as well as I'd have liked on the final models. I picked out the exhaust vent detail in gold and used a green wash to give a glow to the weapons. I carried on the colour coding by matching the colour of the headlights/sensors? on the models with those on the dropships.

The whole force

Hunter MBTs

Reaper AA tanks

Invader APCs

Scourge warriors

I've also had my first proper game using the scenario that came in the set. I was pleasantly surprised at the tactical complexity in the game and can see that games at 1500pts with the command cards will be a fun challenge. We picked up the rules very quickly and only made a few mistakes. I felt that the rules would have benefited from more examples to explain things and a detailed turn structure at the start of the rules section. But apart from that I was happy with my purchase and look forward to more games.


  1. They look great. I'm working out my urban landscape for Empire of the Dead at the moment so am interested in your terrain as well. Is that some kind of urban game mat you have there?

    1. Thanks. The 'urban mat' is one of two paper sheets that come in the starter set.

  2. You could also get the Cityscape that comes as a terrain set on its own, I have the starter set and 1 PHR army, but i wanted a larger terrain set for some other games I play. I found the Cityscape was best for that!

    1. True, I think the set is about £27 for enough tiles for a 6x4 layout plus you get a load of the card buildings. All 10mm scale though.


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