Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Phew! It's HOTT.

Well that's the obligatory hot weather pun out of the way, so moving on swiftly. I've been reading a few Hordes of the Things (HOTT) batreps lately so I decided to dig out two of my old HOTT armies.

I used to play a ton of DBA years ago and even ran a DBA campaign for my local club which proved very popular. We also played some HOTT as it's basically the same game with a few additions and I always liked the way you could use the points system to build any kind of army you chose from Daleks to Justin Bieber fans (this would obviously be composed completely of mindless hordes).

As you can play HOTT with DBA armies I hadn't bothered to build any HOTT specific armies. However about twenty years ago I was at the Vapnartak wargames show in York and there was a vendor selling painted HOTT armies. I took one look at the Dwarven Gyrocopters and I had to have them. For some reason still not clear to me I also bought a painted Lizardmen army and a nice Dwarven cavern as a stronghold. For years I thought they were 15mm figures until I saw some of the same models on the Pendraken site on one of my many trawls through their catalogue. I guess that just shows the quality of the 10mm Pendraken castings.

Hot weather permitting I'm going to reacquaint myself with the rules and have a few solo games to get back up to speed. I'll post a few batreps later but for now on with the eye candy.

First up is the Dwarven army which comprises:
Hero General
2 x Behemoths
2 x Flyers
3 x Blades
1 x Shooter

The Dwarven army arrayed for battle

Wooly mammoths flank the Hero General

Intrepid Dwarven aviators

The Lizardmen army comprises:
Hero General
2 x Magicians
3 x Riders
5 x Hordes
2 x Lurkers

The Lizardmen army arrayed for battle

The Hero General on his speedy mount flanked by Magicians
and protected by hordes of willing minions

Lizardmen Riders and Lurkers

The Hall of the Mountain King
Considering these figures have languished in an old school metal toolbox for the last 15 years they're in pretty good condition.


  1. Hi - just discovered your blog. These old models show why you never sell the armies you stop using. There is nothing better than reacquainting yourself with your old work. I hop you enjoy using them

    1. True, there's so many things I've sold that I wish I still had. I guess age does bring wisdom :-)


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