Saturday, 13 July 2013

"Lite" version of the new 'Longstreet' ACW rules now available

Sam Mustapha has just made the "lite" version of his upcoming ACW rules 'Longstreet' available for free download on his site.

"For those who would like to try a very basic, “bare-bones” version of the Longstreet game, the free “Lite” version is now available on the HONOUR downloads page. You can sample a very simplified version of the game’s basic structure and mechanics, using the free basic action cards that are also available. “Longstreet Lite” is a complete game; everything you need to play is included. However it is not the “full” game that you will find in the Longstreet book or PDF. In fact, it is not even the Basic game from that book. But it is a great and easy way to dip your toes into the Longstreet system, in anticipation of the complete game.

Coming in the second half of 2013, the third HONOUR game will take a unique perspective on the American Civil War. Rather than refighting the same dozen famous battles for the umpteenth time, Longstreet will ask you to create a “character” – historical or fictional. He begins the war in 1861 commanding a small brigade of volunteers.

You will create his personality from a variety of characteristics. For example: does he have prior military experience in Mexico, or against the Indians? Does he have a background in engineering or one of the other branches of the service? Is he politically well-connected, and thus likely to have the ear of a state governor who might be in a position to send replacements? Is he wealthy, with friends in the media who can inflate his exploits on the battlefield, thus putting pressure on the War Department to promote him?

The war grows in intensity. Your responsibilities increase, as does the number of men under your command. Changes over which you have no control – sometimes good and sometimes bad – affect your force. A Federal officer in the early war might despair at the departure of his 90-day volunteers, but patiently awaits the great industrial superiority of the northern economy. A Confederate officer might enjoy many early advantages, to see them gradually slip away as shortages and attrition strangle the southern war effort.

Like its predecessor, Maurice, the new game will include a full, boxed set of 108 playing cards, which are used not only for game action, but also to keep track of morale and fatigue, to manage the game’s system of objectives and the fate of personalities like officers and regimental heroes. The cards are also used to represent scouting and to set up the battlefield.

Longstreet can be played as a small 1-vs-1 game for two players. But it is infinitely expandable. The game keeps track of the ranks of players (even the seniority of officers at the same rank). When you gather your friends for a big game, each player brings his force, his pack of cards, and his “character.” If you have enough people, figures, and space, you can easily recreate large battles (or invent your own.) The most senior player will command on each side."

I've been looking forward to this for a while and it may give me the shove I need to get my ACW figures painted. It's going to be available in the UK from NorthStar so hopefully there'll be a pre-order deal soon.

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