Monday, 8 July 2013

Yet another shameless blog give-away plug!

BigLee's Miniature Adventures has reached a seven digit milestone which he is celebrating with a Millionth Pageview Give-AwayThere are several sets of prizes to choose from and the top three winners will get to pick one each. As well as the prizes he'll try to find a little something extra to throw in as well as a surprise. Here's what you could win.

The Celtos Selection
As the name suggests this prize consists of a selection of blister packs from the old Celtos range from i-Kore.

Perry Priests and Pilgrims
This prize includes two large blister packs of Priests, Monks, Pilgrims and some commoners.

Osprey Modelling Guide
This is an excellent guide for those of you that want to stretch your painting skills a little. Being an Osprey it's written to the high standard we have all come to expect and its full of great illustrations.

 Heresy Thrud the Barbarian

Painting Guides
Two more painting guides full of beautiful illustrations to inspire you

The WWII Stuff
This prize consists of a Cromwell Tank blister pack from Battlefront and an Osprey Tank spotters Guide.

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  1. Thanks for the 'pimpage' mate. I'm glad the selection of prizes seems to be going down well.


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