Friday 29 November 2013

Quick Unboxing: Deadzone Kickstarter Box

My Deadzone package arrived bright & early this morning so I thought I'd post a few quick photos of what I received.
Here's the contents of my package laid out on a 6x4 table.
The 2' x 2' rubber gaming mat

The counters are on nice thick card

Some of the figures with the rulebook in the background

Some of the scenery sprues. There are 4 different ones plus a sprue of connectors.
Also shown a couple of the faction decks and some D8's and bases

The contents of the actual Deadzone box. More terrain sprues, card decks and figures.
None of the figures are labelled so I'm not sure what I've actually got. But they are all in their on bags so as long as I only open and build one bag at a time I shouldn't have any problems. There's no instructions on how to put together the terrain with the connectors but I think there's a video of Ronnie assembling them somewhere. Also there's lots of terrain but there doesn't seem to be many connectors but that may just be because the terrain sprues look so big in comparison.

Of course there's still more stuff to come in the second wave next year. Who knows I may even have all this stuff assembled and painted by then.


  1. Interesting. Looking forward to seeing what the figures look like assembled/painted.

  2. What is the quality of the casting with the Deadzone figures?

    I had problems with the Enforcer models I bought when they were first released.

    1. I've only had a look at a couple so far and it seems good. I'll be doing a post on assembling some of the figures later tonight UK time which has some close up shots so you can judge for yourself.

  3. You get the strike team package? You should have two sprues of connectors.You'll need to fill in the form they link to to explain what you are missing before January 31. Also I would double check the bits in the bags vs. the update post on their kickstarter page - I've heard of people missing bits from bags.


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