Friday, 15 November 2013

Great Service from WW Wargaming

Just a quick heads up on the great service I got from WW Wargaming.  I was seduced by some photos of the Mantic Goblin heroes pack and had to buy some for my 'God of Battles' force.

I was pleased when I found the WW Wargaming site not only sold the figures but that they also offered 25% off the RRP. I needed them quickly so rang to check they were in stock. The owner was very helpful and although they weren't in stock he made a special order of them for me the same day I enquired about them and then posted them off on the morning they arrived from Mantic. Nice to get some good service from a retailer.


  1. Nice to hear of the good service that is one awesome looking gobbo

    1. Sadly I doubt mine will paint up as well :-(

    2. And i was just about to say what a great job you'd done - oh well lol.


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