Saturday, 7 December 2013

Quick Review: Deadzone Plague Troopers & Specialist

Today's random pick is two Troopers and a Specialist for the Plague faction. All the minis come packed as shown below with no indication of what the models are or any instructions of how the pieces go together.

All the parts have different shaped lugs and sockets even the small heads so it's obvious which part goes with which figure. This is the worst set I've had for mould lines and flash which will be obvious from a look at the photos below.

Even with some cleaning up I can see from the photos that's there's lots of bits I've missed. I'm also disappointed with the sculpting of the weapons. They lack detail and look too 'toy soldierish' for my tastes. Maybe they'll look better painted up.

On the plus side the models all went together very easily and the sculpts look great. I'm finding it hard to choose between Plague and Marauders as my favourite faction. As usual a Mantic ghoul is added as a size comparison.

Too many mould lines for my taste but still my favourite pack of minis so far.

Tune in tomorrow for another random pick from the box. Hopefully with no more badly fitting pieces.


  1. hmm, I have mostly been wanting to get the plague models ready so perhaps the other factions tend to be better for mold lines and such.

    1. The mould lines do vary from faction to facton

  2. oh and I agree about the plague guns - they look like nerf toys or something

    1. Yeah the only disappointing thing about the sculpts.


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