Sunday, 8 December 2013

A little aside.

For those of you expecting another Deadzone figure review, sorry. Real life has intervened so there will be a delay. So as a quick interlude here's a couple of things that might make nice stocking fillers.

I came across this by accident. It's a 2-player expandable card game, not my usual kind of thing but after a little research I decided to buy a copy. Look for a review sometime. They also have a Kickstarter going (who doesn't these days) for an expansion if you're interested.

Another card game that's piqued my interest is Field of Glory the card game by Martin Wallace.

From the website:

The game is split into two parts. You first decide which units you will fight with, constructing a deck of twenty-four unit cards. You then fight out a battle across a battlefield made up of five terrain cards. To win the game you must take control of three of these terrain cards. The army cards represent the main troop types of the period, such as heavy infantry, light cavalry and elephants., each having its own strengths and weaknesses. To be able to play units on to the battlefield you must discard other cards to pay the movement costs involved, giving you a number of difficult decisions to make.

The game is supposed to be of medium complexity and should take around twenty to thirty minutes to play. I'm a big ancients fan so I'm thinking about getting this as a Xmas present to myself.

Lastly is another card game Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 Eastern Front which is, of course, another kickstarter. The original game looks interesting again from their website:

Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943 is a fast-paced two-player tactical card wargame set in WWII. Spearpoint focuses on WWII frontline combat, chaos, tension, and fun. 100 Unit Cards feature an assortment of historical German and US squad level infantry, artillery, armor, and aircraft. 50 Command Cards give support and intel to players. 25 Damage Cards apply unique Damage Effects if a unit becomes damaged. Combat is quick and tense and resolves using four included D10 dice. Standard and Situation games play in about 30 minutes including setup.

If you're interested there's a great review here.

So three quick games that might make nice stocking fillers. Hope Santa brings you something nice.


  1. The card game Field of Glory seems to be great, beautiful pictures!

    1. Yeah I've succumbed and ordered a copy. I'll post about it when it arrives.


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