Monday, 2 December 2013

Quick Review: Deadzone Marauder Commando

Today's random pick is a Commando trooper for the Marauders faction. All the minis come packed as shown below with no indication of what the models are or any instructions of how the pieces go together.

This is a four piece model with shaped lugs on the various parts so everything is easy to fit together. The sprue remnants were easy clean up but there were very visible mould lines on all parts of this model. Of the eight models I've assembled so far this is the first one with bad mould lines so we'll have to see if this is a one-off or not.
I think these models may be made with something called restic which I gather is sort of a plastic/resin combination. The detail seems fine but cleaning up the mould lines seemed trickier than on plastic models I've made before. You seem to have a white line left where the mould line had been so you're not sure if you've removed everything. We'll have to see how well I've done once it get painted up.

The finished model is quite nice with lots of detail like treads on the sole of the boots so should look good when painted up. As usual a Mantic ghoul is added as a size comparison.

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