Tuesday, 23 April 2013

My latest temptations.

As I've written before I'm constantly tempted to buy new toys by things I see on blogs or news sites. Some times I manage to resist some times I don't. Currently I have two things calling to me, Heroes of Normandie and By Fire and Sword.

Heroes of Normandie is a squad/platoon sized WW2 board game that seeks to recreate WW2 as it is in the movies. I'd seen lots of mentions of the game because it's Kickstarter is getting a lot of coverage but not really paid much attention to it. Then I was bored and decided to give the Kickstarter a look. The information is very good and there's a couple of videos which give you a flavour of the game.

There's lots of stretch goals which have been achieved and it activated my 'that looks like a good deal' gene. So I'm currently looking at the £45 + £7.50 p&p pledge which gives you the basic game plus most of the stretch goals.

The thing that generally holds me back with Kickstarters is the thought that I'll probably be able to buy the game at a discount and with free p&p once it comes out. The stretch goals though add nine extra tiles and some other bits and pieces that might make it worth pledging. I'm still undecided and as estimated delivery is five months away in September 2013 and I might have gone off the idea by then.

So what's my other temptation? It's the new english edition of the 'By Fire and Sword' renaissance rules. Renaissance is a period I'd like to get into sometime and Anatoli has been writing some nice AAR's and reviews of the rules on his blog. But what really peeked interest was that they include Ottoman Turks. I hadn't really been that interested in the Eastern European warfare but for some reason I've always had a soft spot for Ottomans so that made me give them a second look.

They are also designed to be used for small, medium and large scale games which is a bonus. I understand the the skirmish level game (looks to be about Basic Impetus/Dux Bellorum size forces) is very popular in Poland so that might be an easy and cheaper way into the rules without commiting to a big spend on an army with all the time involved in getting it painted up.
The rules are a bit pricey but are 408 pages with history, painting guides, army lists, scenarios etc all included in a hardback book with high production values so not bad value. They also have a Kickstarter I may take a look at if they introduce some stretch goals.

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