Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My Latest Purchases

After being good for a while I've splashed out on a couple of new projects. The first is 'By Fire and Sword'. I'm going to buy the rules when they come out but in preparation I've bought a skirmish set of figures so they'll be painted up ready for the rules when they arrive.

I wanted to go with the Ottomans but the skirmish set is all cavalry and I'm not a big fan of all cavalry forces. I was more interested in Janissaries and other Ottoman infantry. If I like the rules I'll have a look at the lists and maybe build up a skirmish force rather than going for pre-made. The next set that got my interest was the Cossack set. I was surprised that it was mainly infantry and wagons as I always think of Cossacks as hordes of cavalry, but something about it interested me. After some research it seemed that the Cossack forces are mainly infantry and suit a defensive player. As much as I liked it it wouldn't suit my temperament. So what did I buy? Well I went with the Kingdom of Sweden skirmish set. It appeals to me as it's a good combined arms force and I've always had a thing for Reiters. So here's a photo of the set I've bought.

My other project is one for the future as it won't arrive until September. I gave in and pledged to the 'Heroes of Normandie' kickstarter. I went with the £45 pledge as it was the best value for me. I was tempted by the £90 pledge as you got all of the stretch goals but I didn't want to invest that much in a game that I may turn out not to like.

I'll do a quick review of the BF&S skirmish set when it arrives and hopefully some progress shots as i get it painted up.

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